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Safety Tips

Personal Safety in Your Home

Posted by Dan Mullins on

Personal Safety in Your Home

A lot of this boils down to common sense. I especially like carrying an extra wallet with a few bucks and expired credit card! The main three things I talk about regarding personal safety is to 'Be Safe,  Be Aware and be Prepared'  Personal Safety Now provides products that help empower and protect individuals from harm's way. Our products include Taser's, stun guns, pepper sprays, self-defense products and personal alarms to name a few.Be Aware, and Be Prepared. Parinoa is not necessary, just be aware of your surroundings. Keep your cell in your pocket until you have reached your destiny. Being prepared means to have some sort of device on your person that can be intimidating enough and it close contact cant be avoided, fight back! If you have a stun gun, get in the kneck and upper chest. The groan region along with the front and back this are also great target! Take Care!

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