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How Stun Guns Work

What is a Stun Gun?

A Stun Gun is a popular non-lethal electric shock device that uses high voltage and low amperage (milliamps) to shock and temporarily disable a possible assailant without causing serious or permanent injury. They are easy to use and many of our stun guns come with a bright LED light that can be used to momentarily distract the assailant by pointing the bright light in their eyes. In addition, the visual and auditory effects of operating the stun gun in stun mode can certainly be an effective deterrent in itself. Seeing the electrical arc and the loud snapping sound will often make the would be assailant think twice about continuing their approach towards you!

If the situation escalates to where you feel it necessary to use the electrical charge of the stun gun on an assailant, with the device still in stun mode, hold the electrodes against the body of the assailant and depress the stun button. The most effective stun locations are the shoulder, hip, thigh, buttocks and below the rib cage. Going for the torso is always a safe bet as it provides the largest target!

While holding the stun gun against the body, you will not see or hear the spark. You may continue to fire the stun gun for as long as necessary without damage to the device. Once the assailant is subdued, depart from the scene and immediately summon law enforcement for help. Do not attempt to take the assailant into custody—you may be injured in the process. When you are in a safe location, slide the arming switch back to the OFF position.

Remember, Safety First! Stun and Run!