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Stun Gun Restrictions & FAQ

Complete List of State Restrictions on Stun Guns

The above link is provided by Outdoor World. 


For your convenience, the following third party link to an external website may provide additional information while researching specific state stun gun laws at:

This site covers mainly handgun laws, but you will find a section on stun guns & pepper spray toward the bottom half of each states webpage. The link above will bring you to a map of the USA, simply select the state your are interested in.

DISCLAIMER:  The above mentioned website is an independent external third party website, and as such, Personal Safety Now does not assume any responsibility or liability for the information they may provide or for any additional links or advertisements provided on their webpages.

In addition, the above information provided on this Stun Gun Restrictions & FAQ webpage is current to the best of our knowledge, however it may not be inclusive of all city, state and county laws. Personal Safety Now accepts no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness.

The purchaser of these products is solely responsible for knowledge of and compliance to the laws and restrictions in your area. This includes all and any minimum age requirementsor criminal records. By ordering and purchasing products from Personal Safety Now, you are confirming and verifying the following:

(i) The purchaser is eighteen years or older; and
(ii) has NOT been previously convicted of a felony or any assault crime in the USA.

If in doubt about the laws and restrictions in your area, please check with your local authorities prior to purchasing.

Thank You!