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TASER X2 Professional Kit - Special Order

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Delivery times are generally an addtl 2 or 3 days beyond normal expectations. 

A dependable piece of law enforcement technology, the TASER X2 “Smart Weapon” incorporates agencies' most requested features such as a backup shot, dual lasers, and a Warning Arc to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

The X2 has been offered to the Consumer and Private security sector so that everyone has the same power and effectiveness trusted by law enforcement. Whether for business or home security, the TASER X2 is swiftly becoming the device of choice for security. Much like the shift from the revolver to the semi-automatic, the days of the single-shot electrical weapon will soon be a thing of the past. And with dual lasers, cross-connect, and a more accurate smart cartridge, the future of less-lethal technology has arrived in the form of the TASER X2.

The TASER X2 Kit Includes:

  • X2 unit w/ laser sights
  • LED light
  • 2 LIVE Cartridges - cartridges are yellow.
  • Right handed BlackHawk kydex holster
  • Performance Power Magazine (Battery)
  • Practice Target

Key Features:

Back Up Shot - A backup shot removes any need to manually reload and improves safety and performance in the case of a missed shot or clothing disconnect.

Dual Lasers - Dual lasers eliminate any aiming guesswork and enhance accuracy by allowing the user to see exactly where the top and bottom probes will enter a target.

Warning Arc - The warning arc increases voluntary surrenders and helps stop conflicts from escalating. It issues an audible warning directly over the front of live cartridges.

Cross-Connect - Cross-connect improves overall effectiveness by increasing the amount of electricity delivered throughout the muscle mass, resulting in a greater level of incapacitation without supplying an additional charge current.

Smart Cartridge -The static-resistant TASER smart cartridge is more accurate and durable than a standard cartridge, which increases reliability and lowers the risk of accidental discharge.


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